Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not Everything is a Sad Story

Not Everything is a Sad Story
Not Everything is a Sad Story, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

at the Garfield Conservatory

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidaze

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Happy Holidaze
Happy Holidaze, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

1. The Pope gets bagged, 2. Haymarket Riot memorial, old version., 3. Washington Block El, 4. Rookery, 5. Killing People Is Rude, 6. Chicago at Night, 7. Danger! Sound Horn, 8. The fall of our footsteps ringeth too hollow through their streets.,

9. Colleen and Seth - Colfax 1971, 10. Station hopping shuffle, 11. Architectural Photography Forbidden, 12. Harmony in Blue White and Red, 13. Stinky Panties, 14. Formal and solemn revocation, 15. Designated Bird Feeding Area, 16. Croesus,

17. Any Porthole in a Storm, 18. No Masturbation Jokes, 19. After You've Gone, 20. Lake Street El to somewhere else, 21. It's all in the Motion, 22. Take Your Stand, 23. Drink Up, 24. Flavin triangle,

25. Gone Away, 26. Flavin yellowizer, 27. Loneliness is an ATM, 28. Winter, Oh Winter, 29. Swank Franks, 30. Top of the World, 31. Train I Don't Rides (sic), 32. giraffe delivery,

33. Before the Rain blues, 34. Chicago Dog, 35. Old meet New, 36. USPS ate my Netflix, 37. Reflections at night, 38. I wish I was this rich, 39. Puma Store wall of Shoes, 40. Green Orange Blue Yellow,

41. Elek-Tek, 42. Muncha Muncha, 43. Golden Confidence, 44. Graphic Arts Finishing, 45. Lost Causeways, 46. BP Amoco is not greener than me, 47. Curves of Ice, 48. Domestic Violence,

49. Bud Pisarek painting, 50. Schlitz, 51. Bridge Milwaukee IR2, 52. Wall of those On the List, 53. Sale of Art to Minors, 54. No More Number 3, 55. Time to go home, 56. Surgeon of Fades,

57. Sunrise Late ride, 58. Captains of Industry, 59. Not Easy Being green, 60. astronomy dominé, 61. Odds and Ends infrared, 62. MacBookPro Battery Explosion, 63. I'm With Stupid, 64. curbs,

65. Lonely Bike, 66. Angular View Self Portrait, 67. Spiral Fish Pond, 68. jumpman_23, 69. Vivo interior Still Life, 70. Photography is not legal at Boeing either, 71. Exit, Zimmerman, 72. Green Fairies

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dead Bee in the Middle of the Snow

(apologies to Loudon Wainwright III)

Outside at the Garfield Conservatory

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Self Portrait Silvered Beard

Self Portrait Silvered Beard
Self Portrait Silvered Beard, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

Hair getting grey at the temples too.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Twin Anchors

Twin Anchors
Twin Anchors, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

Never have eaten here, but good place to stop for a beer.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

BLT This Way


BLT This Way
BLT This Way, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

Couldn't find that confounded sandwich however.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

iTunes artwork - Guess the Album!

In flickr, choose "add Note" to name albums

random screen grab of iTunes covers
(using this hint from MacOSXHints:
timed screengrab)

Guess as many as you can to win big prizes
(artist, album)

The large size
is pretty large (but then you can't add notes)